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About Us


Go Far Group was founded in 1982 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan by veterinarian Mr. Chen Liang-Rong. We are a professional marketing service company specialized in animal nutrition and animal healthcare. Our Corporate Mission is [ GoFar Group, One Health ] - Animal Healthy, Environment Healthy, Human Healthy. We established animal nutrition and healthcare business unit, companion animal business unit, consumer products business unit, creative technology business unit, and leisure business unit. Moreover, we gather all excellent talents in the Go Far Group: professional veterinarians, animal nutritionist and marketing financial manager and a great number of professional talents. In order to provide the best service quality, we devoted all our heart into Go Far Group.


The companion animal business of Go Far has continuously introduced excellent pet medicines, nutritional supplements, foods from well-known worldwide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as from the United States, France, Japan, Denmark, etc. to enhance pet health. With the enthusiasm of serving the pet industry in Taiwan, we have been continuously developing well-known brands and providing high-quality products and services to pet owners, animal hospitals, and pet shops. We are committed to finding the best products to our best friend - companion animals.

Professional Technical Team


Go Far Group gathers professional talents in the field of animal healthcare, including veterinarians, animal nutrition experts, and researchers. We not only provide a full range of product information and pet care education to pet owners, but also cooperate with foreign suppliers to provide professional knowledge such as journal papers to pet shops and animal hospitals. We aim to provide the best healthy solution for pets in Taiwan.








Multiple Marketing Services


Product Seminar

We provide full range of petcare products and complete in-clinic / in-store seminar service to animal hospitals / pet shops.

Lecture / Forum

We invite domestic and foreign experts to share practical experience, industry trends, and new knowledge to continuously improve the quality of medical services and technology.

Technical Journal

We introduce many foreign journal articles to customers and endeavor to provide the best healthy solution for pets in Taiwan.

Pet Owner Event

We arrange education lecture and exhibition to help pet owners having the right knowledge to make pets happier and healthier.

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