Professional agent for plant care solution

About Us

Go Far Group was established in 1982 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan by Veterinarian Mr. Chen Liang Jung. We are a professional marketing services company specialized in animal nutrition and health. We commit to develop health industry and be responsible for animal healthy, human healthy, and environmental healthy. We have developed animal nutrition and healthcare business groups, consumer products business groups, cultural and creative technology groups, and health and leisure business groups. We gather outstanding talents in various fields of expertise to provide excellent professional services to our customer, partners, and industry. The purpose for our improvement is to give the natural and everyone a respectful life.

Since 2016, we introduced high quality products from our foreign partners. We expect to improve from soil quality to the growth of crops and then enhance our environment through more natural, non-toxic and effective products. We will continuously provide excellent plant care solution and services to farmers greater agricultural production value.

Service Team

Go Far Group gathers domestic and foreign professional talents in the field of plant nutrition, including nutrition experts, soil / seedlings and related researchers. Based on the spirit of seeking truth from facts, we provide a full range of product information and services to contribute into planting quality and food safety.

Professional Technology

By cooperating closely with our foreign professional brands, we introduce many journal papers, practical experience, and nutrition knowledge to help our partners and farmers to discover the newest industry trends and knowledge of plant protection. Our goal is to provide the healthiest plant care solutions to Taiwan agriculture.


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