About Go Far Group

Go Far Group was established in 1982 in Kaohsiung. Taiwan by Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen was born in an agriculture family. and this is why he loves the Earth with his heart.
We have started from the animal husbandry and always uphold the profession and are delighted to provide the best service for our customers. And be humble to aspire for better quality. The purpose for our improvement is to give this natural and everyone a respectful life.
Go Far Group belongs to GO FAR INTL. CO., LTD., Go GIANT INTL. CO., LTD., PACESETTER ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., T&C INTL. AGRICULTURE & LIVESTOCK Co., LTD. and JAUH TERNG ENTERPRISE Co., LTD. We take animal nutrition and animal health care as our goals for the professional marketing services. Moreover, we gather all excellent talents in the Go Far Group: Professional veterinarians. Animal Nutritionist and marketing financial manager and a great number of professional talents. In order to provide the best service quality, we devoted all our heart into Go Far Group.
Founding Principles
  Enhance the brightness of animal and human’s future

Corporate History

Based on People, Team, Learning

Starting from Open, Innovation, Gratitude

Enjoying Work and Service


Corporate Culture

Portfolio Value

Create Excellence

More Services

Maximize Benefit


Corporate Mission

GoFar Group All Health

Animal Healthy, Environment Healthy, Human Healthy






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